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The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, Inc., in partnership with regional Ivy League alumni is pleased to announce the formation of a merit scholarship fund to assist students who have fallen between the "financial cracks."

The Ivy League Scholarship Fund -vs- Work-Study Programs

We have much to be thankful for. But sadly, some of our "best and brightest" who have been accepted to Ivy League schools cannot afford the substantial costs, but do not exhibit enough need to qualify for traditional need-based scholarships. This new fund is intended to avoid accepting typically offered work-study programs which make success in college more challenging, especially for incoming freshmen who should be studying or practicing their sport, not flipping burgers in the university cafeteria!

The Community Foundation - $150 Million Public Charity

The Community Foundation, which will administer the scholarships, is a $150 million public charity which has been in existence for nearly 40 years. They have awarded more than $8 million in scholarships and grants to 1,700 financially needy students. This fund will offer merit-based scholarships to students who have been accepted by and have sent deposits to any of the Ivy League or Seven Sister schools.

The Community Foundation will publicize the availability of our scholarships through well-established channels, provide and review a standard application, interview likely candidates and notify us of the winners. You may even choose to take an advisory role on the selection committee and/or host scholarship award ceremonies.

Donating to the Ivy League Alumni Fund

We hope you share our passion and look forward to your generous donation. Please notify the Ivy Alumni of your intention to make a charitable donation to this tax deductible endowment fund by email, telephone or letter (see below):

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